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Reasons To Work With Pigdon’s


Our experience in dealing with Major Hire Companies and other commercial businesses enables us to work in accordance with your specific deadlines and schedules.

The construction time is rarely delayed with our dedicated team working hard to complete tasks. Pigdon Portables are able to provide buyers with accurate delivery and completion dates.

Save Money

Pigdon Portables can deliver quality for money and also provide a stress free purchasing process.

Additionally they can provide an abundance of extras included, at a low price,  These include fridges, microwaves, pie warmers, office furniture, chairs and much more.


Quality control is a main focal point for the Pigdon Portables team. We pride ourselves on our procedures to ensure all buildings are of an outstanding quality.

This is done with selected professionals inspecting the buildings daily and after production, to detect any inconsistencies, or areas in which can be improved upon to increase customer satisfaction.